Lubriplate Heat Transfer Oil (High Flash and Fire Point Oils)




Heat Transfer Oil is a high viscosity, high flash and fire, extra clean oil recommended where exceptional heat transfer qualities are desirable.   Recommended for oil-type heat exchangers used in asphalt plants, roofers’ tar kettles, concrete tile and black curing machines and many other similar industrial applications.

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35 lb Pail, 5 gal Pail, CTN 12/1 Plastiq qts., CTN 12/11 oz Spray, CTN 12/2 LB Btls, CTN 24/14 oz Cans, CTN 36 10 oz Tubes, CTN 36 1¾ oz Tubes, CTN 4/1 gal Jugs, CTN 4/7 LB Jugs, CTN 40/14.5 oz Cart., CTN 6/6 LB cans, Drum, ¼ Drum