Lubriplate Pure Flush (Flushing and Cleansing Oil)



Product Description

Can be used to clean and flush bearings, gear cases, hydraulic systems, centralized lubricating systems, air lines, chains and air tools. It is fully compatible with petroleum based lubricants and most petroleum compatible synthetics.

Additional Information


35 lb Pail, 5 gal Pail, CTN 12/1 Plastiq qts., CTN 12/11 oz Spray, CTN 12/2 LB Btls, CTN 24/14 oz Cans, CTN 36 10 oz Tubes, CTN 36 1¾ oz Tubes, CTN 4/1 gal Jugs, CTN 4/7 LB Jugs, CTN 40/14.5 oz Cart., CTN 6/6 LB cans, Drum, ¼ Drum