Lubriplate Aero (Lithium Type Grease)


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Lubriplate Aero is recommended for a large variety of applications: Trailer landing gear cases Speedometers, odometers and tachometers, Parking meters-Change boxes, Instruments-Gaming machines, Garage and door opening mechanisms, Cables of various types, Steering columns and gear cases TV antenna gear boxes O-Ring and seal lubrication, Railway switch and signal equipment.

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35 lb Pail, 5 gal Pail, CTN 12/11 oz Spray, CTN 24/14 oz Cans, CTN 288 3/8 oz Tubes, CTN 36 10 oz Tubes, CTN 36 1¾ oz Tubes, CTN 4/7 LB Jugs, CTN 40/14.5 oz Cart., CTN 6/6 LB cans, Drum, ¼ Drum