F. Bacon Industriel Inc. provides lubricant and automated lubrication system for many industries such as the pulp & paper industry, aerospace, aviation, chemical, textile, aluminum and a lot more. Click on any industry to learn more about lubrication products and solutions for that industry.

Food: With complex equipment, difficult environmental factors, concerns about contamination, and extensive use of conveyors, the food and beverage industry has a pressing need for the very best lubrication systems.


Pulp & Paper: Papermaking machinery operates in a punishing environment of moisture and heat. This is why those machines require top quality lubrication and lubrication systems.

Pulp & Paper

Aerospace/Aviation: The aerospace industry needs lubricants that make the difference between success and failure and that are designed to rigid standards.


Chemical Processing: Chemical Process Industries are prime candidates for use of lubricants because of the many pieces of rotating that require large circulating lubricant systems.


Textiles: Textile lubricants may be in the synthetic fiber spinning process to reduce static electricity or on the needles in high speed sewing operations to reduce friction.


Aluminum Plants: The metal processing industry needs lubricants completely resistant to corrosive atmospheres, with high load tolerance and good water washout resistance and that can maintain extremely long life.


Nuclear Power: Many parts of a nuclear power plant are exposed to high heat and humidity or are difficult to access for regreasing. The use of Lubricants with longer life and high-temperature capabilities allows these parts to run without relubrication for the full fuel cycle.


Semiconductor: Semiconductor equipment is exposed to harsh chemical environments and must be able to operate without regard to environmental conditions. To meet these challenges, semiconductor equipment needs a reliable lubrication solution.


Chlorine & Oxygen: The chlorine and oxygen industries have to deal with elevated temperatures and pressures. Because of its properties, fluorinated oils have become preferred lubricants in these industries.

Chlorine & Oxygen

Paper Corrugating: The corrugating industry needs performance lubricants for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers and associates equipment.


Valve: Lubrication is required for valves to lubricate moving parts, seal connections, and packing and to protect surfaces from corrosion and degradation.