Automated lubrication systems

Lincoln Industrial offers a complete line of automated lubrication systems.

While bearings are working, Lincoln’s automated systems lubricate them at frequent predetermined intervals with measured amounts of lubricant. Depending on the application, these systems can be centralized, with large-capacity lubricant containers, they can lubricate a smaller area in a plant, or they can ensure the smooth performance of a single valuable machine. With our BearingSaver program, they find the best automated solution for you from our wide range of systems for grease, fluid grease or oil.

Two-line Systems
Lincoln’s Helios® and Duo-Matic™ two-line lubrication systems are specially designed for larger applications and the high-viscosity lubricants commonly found in steel mills, cement plants, paper mills and processing plants. The system distributes lubricant over greater distances using two lines to deliver grease alternately to metering devices.

Two-Line Systems Brochure

Lincoln’s single-line system, Centro-Matic, lubricates many points simultaneously. By choosing the correct injector for each lubrication point and making simple adjustments, it always dispenses the exact amount of lubricant needed. And if you add a piece of machinery, the system is easily expanded with additional injectors. System Sentry electronic monitoring capabilities allow for total control at the lubrication point. Centro-Matic configurations are also available for chain-lubrication applications.

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Modular Lube®
Progressive plunger systems lubricate many points, one after another. A pump carries grease to the lubricating point via progressive metering valves. Modular Lube valves are custom-built for each series of lubrication points and can be serviced without disturbing the primary installation. And to further protect your expensive equipment, a system equipped with the proper accessories can also detect lubricant blockage.

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Quicklub is a progressive plunger system utilizing standard metering valves. Effective for use with smaller lubrication points, this simplified design saves money in many manufacturing applications, as well as for over-the-road trucks and off-road construction equipment. And by combining Quicklub metering valves with two-line systems or Centro-Matic, you can get the larger capacity you need at an economical cost.

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