Crown / Aervoe

Aervoe Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of lubricants equipment for industrial use.

  • A 35 Year track record packaging all types of formulations and containers.
  • Committed to quality aerosol and bulk packaging, and the proper representation, use, and design safety of all products under the Aervoe brand name.
  • An active member in several key trade associations

    The company is organized to provide direct response to inquiries and a one-on-one approach to problem solving.

  • A friendly, professional Customer Service staff with over 50 years combined experience.
  • Production capacity, quality control, product development, and management experience.
  • An operating philosophy that helps keep our customers ahead of the competition

    Aervoe is the leader in providing quality products that meet the strictest environmental standards.

  • OSHA and the EPA use our state of the art facility as an example of superior safety procedures
  • No-flash cleaners, non-flammable paints, and USDA Mold Releases and Lubricants
  • Lead, CFCs, and HCFCs are not present in any Aervoe product
  • The first manufacturer in the industry to address aerosol can recycling by providing equipment that will remove and recover the can contents, while crushing the can at the same time, therefore rendering the remaining contents and the container totally recyclable
  • The right choice is The Professional’s Choice!