Multi-Purpose Greases

Synthetic, High-Performance, Multi-Purpose Greases

SYNXTREME HD-Series: Extreme-Duty, High-Temperature, Synthetic, Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases. These high performance, extreme-duty, multi-purpose, synthetic, calcium sulfonate complex greases provide unsurpassed anti-wear, and extreme pressure protection. They are highly water resistant and work well over a wide range of temperature extremes and other adverse conditions. Superior shear stability and oxidation resistance provide long lasting protection. Available in 3 NLGI grades for a wide range of applications. SYNXTREME HD-2 is NLGI GC-LB certified for wheel bearing and chassis lubrication. SYNXTREME HD-1/220 and HD-2/220 are formulated with a heavier (ISO 220 Grade) base fluid and are recommended for all types of bearings and other equipment operating under high temperature conditions.

SYN-1600 Series: High Performance, Multi-Purpose, PAO-Based Synthetic, Lithium Complex Greases. These greases are manufactured with 100% polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids and lithium complex thickeners for superior oxidation stability, better wear protection and significantly better operating temperature ranges. Fortified with additives to prevent rust and corrosion and to reduce grease bleed. Recommended for most general grease applications.

SYN-3001 & SYN-3002: Moly-Fortified, Heavy-Duty, PAO-Based, Synthetic Lithium Complex Greases. These high performance, heavy-duty, moly-fortified, 100% synthetic, lithium complex greases provide superior oxidation resistance for long lasting protection from friction, wear and corrosion. They have excellent high and low temperature performance and are highly resistant to water. Contains 5% Moly. Recommended for all types of heavy equipment.

SYN-EMB: PAO-Based, Lithium Complex Type, Synthetic Grease for Electric Motor Bearings. This high temperature capable, mechanically stable, 100% synthetic grease was developed specifically for the lubrication of medium to high speed electric motor bearings.

SYN GR-132: PAO / Ester Combination-Based, Lithium Complex Type, Synthetic Grease. This state-of-the-art, PAO/Ester combination based, 100% synthetic, lithium complex type grease delivers excellent mechanical stability. Recommended for all types of high speed anti-friction bearings. An outstanding synthetic grease for very low temperature applications.


Petroleum Oil-Based, Multi-Purpose Greases

1500 Series: Lithium Complex Greases. These multi-purpose lubricants can withstand higher temperatures than traditional lithium greases. They provide high film strength, excellent shear stability, long lubricant life, and exceptional anti-wear properties. 4 NLGI densities for a variety of applications.

LTR-2: Heavy-Duty, Tacky, Red, Lithium Complex Grease. This rugged, tacky, highly water resistant, extreme pressure grease can withstand higher temperatures than traditional lithium greases. It is recommended for a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial, construction, quarry, aggregate and mining applications. Red in color.

1240 Series: Lithium-Polymer Type, Viscous, Non-corrosive, Extreme Pressure Greases. Highly water resistant and tacky, they are designed for applications where the grease is subjected to heavy pressure and shock loads. This series is available in 3 NLGI densities for a wide range of applications and temperatures.

No. 1444: Tacky, Aluminum Complex Type Grease. Specifically formulated for heavy-duty construction and mining equipment. Excellent for slow to moderate speed bearings and chains that are subjected to heat, steam and water.

No. 3000 and 3000-W: Tacky, Moly-Lithium Type, Extreme Pressure Greases. Provides a durable, tenacious, adhesive film to protect against water, rust, and corrosive contaminants. Fortified with molybdenum disulfide for extreme pressure applications. 3000-W is for cold ambient temperatures. Recommended for all types of heavy equipment.

730 Series: High Performance, Aluminum Complex Type Greases. This series provides high load carrying ability and anti-wear protection with high resistance to water, steam, and other corrosive action. Available in 3 NLGI densities for a wide range of applications and temperatures.

No. 1200-2: Heavy-Duty, General Purpose, Lithium Type Grease. This is an excellent, heavy-duty, general purpose, lithium type grease for both industrial and automotive applications. It provides a high film strength, great shear stability, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives.

630 Series: Multi-purpose Lithium-Based Greases. Traditionally popular general purpose greases. Available in 4 N.L.G.I. Densities for a wide range of applications.


Greases For Special Conditions / Applications

High Temp: Multi-Purpose, High Temperature, Bentone Type Grease. Multi-Purpose, for high temperature applications. Non-melt type, workable from 40˚F / 4˚C to 500˚F / 260˚C with frequent lube intervals.

Low Temp: Multi-Purpose, Anhydrous Calcium Based Grease For Cold Temperatures. Excellent multi-purpose low temperature grease. For cold temperature applications down to -60˚F / -51˚C.

MAG-00 and MAG-1: Lithium Polymer Type Greases For Wide Range Of Temperatures. These multi-purpose greases have a wide operating temperature range for variety of applications. Both work well is centralized/automatic lubricating systems. MAG-00 is a semi-fluid type grease that can also be used effectively in leaking gearboxes.

930 Series: Multi-Purpose, High Temperature, Bentone Type Greases. Formulated for higher temperature applications. 930-AA & 930-AAA are recommended for centralized/automatic greasing systems.

100 & 130 Series: Calcium Type Greases. These traditional greases are still available. Designed for plain bearings, cams, slides, and other light-duty applications where temperatures do not exceed 170˚F. / 77˚C. No.105, NLGI 0, Pt. No. L0034-, No.107, NLGI 1, Pt. No. L0036-, No.110, NLGI 2.5, Pt. No. L0037-, No.115, NLGI 4, Pt. No. L0040-, No.130-AA, NLGI 1, Pt. No. L0044-, No.130-A, NLGI 2.5, Pt. No. L0043-. *100 & 130 Series Greases are available in Cans, Pails, 1/4 Drums & Drums. No. 105 & 130-AA are also available in Tubes. See page 26 for package part number suffix


Greases For Gearing

Gear Shield Series: Multi-Purpose, Lithium-Based, Open Gear Greases. Made for all types of open/exposed gears. Gear Shield Extra Heavy is a thick, tacky and adhesive open gear grease for adverse conditions. Gear Shield Low Temp is for cold weather applications. Excellent fifth wheel lubricants.

No. 176: Inorganic / Organic, Open Gear Grease for Centralized Systems. No Solvents. This adhesive, semi-fluid grease is for all types of open gears lubricated by centralized systems. Provides good pumpability without the use of harmful solvents.


Specialty Greases

V-61 Silicone Faucet Valve Lubricant – NSF Certified 61: This special silicone grease lubricant designed to lubricate rubber and plastic O-rings (non-silicone type), faucet valves and other applications. NSF Certified Standard 61 and safe for drinking water system components. It is extremely resistant to a wide range of chemicals, dilute acids, alkalines and most aqueous solutions. It is highly resistant to water washout. This product is not compatible with oxygen (O2) and should not be recommended for any application where there is a possibility of this product coming in contact with any form of oxygen (both liquid and gas). Available 5.3 oz 150 g Plastic Tubes, Pt. No. L0217-084, 14.1 oz /400 g Cartridges Pt. No. L0217-010 and 8 lb / 3.6 kg Plastic Tubs Pt. No. L0217-008.

EMB – Electric Motor Bearing Grease: This NLGI 2, lithium polymer type grease was developed specifically for the lubrication of high speed, electric motor bearings, fans and other high speed grease type ball and roller bearings. Part No. L0148-. Available in cans, cartridges, pails, 1/4 drums and Perma lubricators. See pages 26 & 27 for Package Part Number Suffix.

Poly HP-2: Polyurea-thickened type grease is formulated with the highest quality paraffinic base oils available. Excellent for high-speed electric motor bearings and other industrial applications. Part No. L0191-. Available in pails, 1/4 drums and cartridges. Power Hammer & Chisel Grease: This Heavy-Duty, extreme pressure type, aluminum complex grease with moly, copper and graphite, is made for use on most types of heavy-duty power hammers. Greatly extends shaft and bushing life. Product Part No. L0190-. Available in cartridges and pails. See page 26 for package part number suffix.

X-357: A special extreme pressure moly-fortified lubricant that penetrates and adheres, water resistant. Use on pintle hooks, slide axles, open gears, fifth wheels. Product Part No. L0149-. Available in pails, drums and spray cans. See page 26 for package part number suffix.

No. 777: This special grease lubricant has been approved by Ford Motor Co. specification ESF-M1C-26-A for use as a starter motor shaft lubricant. Also approved for starter drives on Evinrude / Johnson outboards. Product Part No. L0081-. See page 26 for packaging information.

No. 107 Concrete Form Release: This soft grease can easily be sprayed on form contact surfaces providing immediate release once the concrete is set. White in color, it will not stain the casting. Product Part No. L0036-. See page 26 for packaging information.

DS-ES Electric Switch Lubricant: Developed for the lubrication of electrical switch contacts. Used extensively in the automotive industry for switches, sockets, and wiring harness connectors. Excellent oxidation resistance and compatibility with metal, plastic and rubber. Product Part No. L0137-. Available in small tubes, cans, pails, 1/4 drums and drums. See page 26 for package part number suffix.

GR-132 Portable Tool Grease: A light viscosity oil combined with a lithium combination thickener makesGR-132 ideal for applications where fluid friction must be kept to a minimum. Ideal for the small gear cases in portable tools. Product Part No. L0158-.

Lithium Brick Grease: This NLGI No. 6 grade lithium grease is recommended for open slot and open well type bearings where the brick grease rides directly on the bearing shaft. Package / Case 12 / 4 lb. Bricks, Part No. L0132-038.

Lithplex Brick Grease: This lithium complex type brick grease was developed to meet the lubrication requirements of open slot or open well type bearings commonly found at rock quarries and paper mills where the brick grease rides directly on the bearing shaft. The rotating motion of the bearing shaft wipes a film of lubricant onto the bearing surfaces keeping it properly lubricated. The 4 lb. bricks are easily cut into smaller pieces to place in the bearing opening. The size of the piece should be small enough to allow freedom of movement of the block while riding on the bearing surface. Its 525˚ F dropping point is a major advantage. Package / Case 12 / 4 lb. Bricks, Part No. L0133-038.

Aero: This NLGI 1, lithium type, low temperature grease for cold temperature applications down to -60˚F. / -51˚C. Provides low-torque start-up capability, excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance and wide compatibility with metals, plastic, and rubber. Excellent for garage door mechanisms. Part No. L0113-. Available in mini tubes, small tubes, cans, pails, 1/4 drums and drums. See page 26 for package part number suffix.

No. 5555: Semi-fluid, Anhydrous calcium type lubricant. Excellent for automatic lubricating systems operating in cold environments. Part Number L0109-. Available in bottles, jugs, pails, 1/4 drums and drums. See page 26 for package part number suffix.

Neptune Launching Base Coat: Used for many decades to launch virtually every type of ship from aircraft carriers to barges. This Base Coat will sustain loads of more than ten tons per square foot at 70°F. It is designed to be used in combination with Lubriplate Neptune Launching Slip Coat. Prior to application, the ways should be thoroughly dried. The Base Coat must be poured while hot and should be heated to a temperature sufficiently high so that it is in a liquid state at the point of application. Typically it is applied ¼” to ½” thick. After the base coat has hardened and cooled the Neptune Launching Slip Coat may then be applied. Packaging: 50 lb. Box, Part No. L0214-035 and 325 lb. Fiber Drums, Part No. L0214-040.

Neptune Launching Slip Coat: Designed to be applied over the hardened Neptune Base Coat layer. This Slip Coat is applied from the drum as is. It should not be heated prior to application. The Slip Coat is typically applied ¼” to ½” thick. The Slip Coat is orange in color making it distinguishable from the blue Base Coat. Packaging: 400 lb. Drums, Part No. L0215-040.