Who is Lincoln?

Provide industry with the world’s best lubrication and specialized fluid pumping products, systems and service. Tehy have manufacturing operations in the U.S., Germany, the Czech Republic and India. There industry-leading network of systems houses and distribution partners custom designs and installs there systems, helping companies save money and increase productivity all over the world. Skilled, experienced and dedicated people are committed to providing the very best service. That’s why original equipment manufacturers in many industries insist on making our systems part of their products.

Since 1910,
Lincoln has been an innovator. Lincoln can trace its tradition of providing creative customer solutions to companies on two continents—Lincoln Engineering, St. Louis, Missouri, and Helios Apparatebau O. Wetzel & Co., Heidelberg, Germany. Lincoln Engineering developed the first grease gun for lubricating mining cars, pioneered advancements in lubrication equipment used by automobile service stations, and invented automated lubrication systems and industrial thick-fluid transfer pumps. Helios Apparatebau, which began by providing lubrication methods for elevators and public rail transportation, introduced many industrial lubrication innovations, including the first two-line lubrication system and the first system for grease lubrication of moving points on conveyors. In 1972, the two firms joined forces to form Lincoln. With more than 700 employees worldwide, we lead the world in automated lubrication, continuing a strong tradition of innovation.

Research and Development,
Lincoln develops new products and systems at research and development facilities in the U.S., Germany and India that provide regional and global application solutions. Thorough testing ensures that our products will perform under the toughest conditions. There a leader in innovation, holding numerous patents with many more pending.

Product Design,
There worldwide engineering design group is always ready to do whatever it takes to meet a customer need. They solve unique application problems by creating a lubrication solution, whether it’s a new product or an improvement to a current product. They can design a system that is just right for your application. They also work constantly to develop solutions that work for an entire industry or on machines used in a number of industries. Examples of Lincoln products that have helped entire industries include the Centro-Matic® single-line system, Helios® two-line systems and Quicklub® line.

Save money and increase productivity,
Lincoln has the right solution for your company, whether it’s manual lubrication, simple automated systems, or large-scale centralized installations. With the BearingSaver ® program and there extensive product offerings, the correct lubrication or pumping system to every customer and each application. Savings and increased productivity are the tangible results.

Automotive Manufacturing, 
Lubricate the intricate ballet of robotic activity on the welding line, provide lubrication systems that move with complex conveyors, and help automakers apply adhesives and sealants in numerous applications.

Heavy Industry,
Steel, cement, glass, chemical plants, utilities—heavy industry operates in the toughest environments with large-scale lubrication needs. Our systems—which can feed thousands of lubrication points over great distances—offer the most cost-effective answer.

Pulp and Paper,
Papermaking machinery operates in a punishing environment of moisture and heat. Automated lubrication systems eliminate bearing failures and reduce high downtime costs caused by too much or too little lubrication on the paper machine, as well as in the wood yard, debarking area, pulp mill, and bleach plant. Systems also stop “grease breaks,” paper tears caused by over-lubrication. The result is higher productivity and increased safety for maintenance employees.

Food and Beverage,
With complex equipment, difficult environmental factors, concerns about contamination, and extensive use of conveyors, the food and beverage industry has a pressing need for the very best lubrication systems. Lincoln meets the needs of the food and beverage and other industries.

Over-The-Road Trucking,
From centralized manual trailer kits to completely automated tractor systems, international manufacturers, commercial carriers and large private fleets take advantage of our money-saving lubrication methods to keep their trucks where they can make money—on the road.

Agricultural Equipment,
Whether it’s a large agricultural cooperative or an individual farmer, today’s user of high-cost farm equipment understands that automated lubrication is a critical part of the industry’s maintenance philosophy. Original equipment manufacturers worldwide specify Lincoln systems for their products to add value and to ensure long, productive working lives.

Large mining equipment typically costs millions of dollars, so it’s not surprising that companies have specified Lincoln automated lubrication systems for more than 30 years. Today, the industry demands factory installation of our systems as standard equipment.

Dirt, wind, rain, extreme heat, bitter cold—construction equipment operators face these conditions every day. Equipment owners know that their critical investment is in jeopardy without proper lubrication. That’s why they increasingly turn to Lincoln. Southdown Concrete Products is only one example of the many companies profiting from their association with Lincoln. Southdown uses our Quicklub® system to protect a fleet of more than 200 frontloaders, cement trucks and tractor-trailer rigs.

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