Motor Oils

Motor Oils and Transmission Fluids

Super GPO Heavy-Duty Motor Oils: Designed for naturally aspirated and turbo-charged diesel, gasoline and LP gas engines. Ideal for mixed fleets, construction equipment, trucks and automobiles. API service CJ-4, CF-4 (15W-40 & 10W-30), CF, CF-2, CE, CD, SH, SJ, MIL-L-2104G and MIL-L-46152E. SAE 30, Pt. No. L0749-, SAE 40, Pt. No. L0752-, SAE 10W-30, Pt. No. L0754-, SAE 15W-40, Pt. No. L0755-.

Super HDS Motor Oil: Fully detergent motor oils for diesel and gasoline engines. Protects against oxidation, corrosion, foaming, sludge and wear. These heay-duty motor oils contains ZDDP anti-wear additive. For service SJ / CF. MIL-L-46152E. SAE 10W, Pt. No. L0788-, SAE 5W-20, Pt. No. L0789-, SAE 30, Pt. No. L0791-, SAE 40, Pt. No. L0792-, SAE 50, Pt. No. L0793-.

Super 345, SAE 5W-30 Long Mileage Motor Oil: Designed for today’s smaller automobile engines. For service SJ / CF / ILSAC GF-1. Energy Conserving II. Part No. L0732-.

Non-Detergent Motor Oil: A top quality non-detergent motor oil. For use where detergent oils are not required or desired. For service SA. SAE 10W, Pt. No. L0804-, SAE 20-20W, Pt. No. L0806-, SAE 30, Pt. No. L0807-, SAE 40, Pt. No. L0808, SAE 50, Pt. No. L0809-.

DEXRON III / MERCON Automatic Transmission Fluid: Recommended and approved for all General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford (1989 and Newer) or anywhere Dexron and Ford Mercon Fluids are specified. Product Part No. L0867-.

Hydraulic-Transmission Fluid Type UTF: For heavy-duty equipment where UTF type fluids are required. Pt. No. L0873-.

*Motor Oils and Transmission Fluids are available in Bottles, Pails & Drums. See page 26 for more information and package part number suffix.